With the sad shooting in Paris, the torturing of gay men in Chechnya, and the potential nuclear attack demolition of California, we may need a little lightness to get us through today. Why not have some dog news? DOG NEWS!!

This Roof Dog Party Is the Only Party I Want to Go To
Did you hear about these roof dogs? Well, these dogs popped out a screen on window overlooking a rooftop and they had a little party overlooking a street. A mom caught the action and monitored the situation by text to her son, who obviously Tweeted the situation out to the world.

Very Grateful Pup Loves His Extra Small Bed
One time my mom tried to send me a bottle of wine but it was actually a giant wall decal of wine. Ordering things online can be weird! Another example: this Golden Retriever and its tiny bed. How did this happen? Someone ordered an accidentally small bed and the dog then had to “enjoy” it the only way it could.

Why Losing A Dog Feels Like Losing A Family Member
Dogs die. It’s a sad fact. But why is it so hard to get over them? Vox explains with this wonderful, heart tugging explainer video.

49 Dog Photos That Jeff Goldblum Has Liked On Instagram
Apparently actor Jeff Goldblum is a fan of dogs and he Likes photos of them on Instagram. This is great news.

Why Anchovies Should Be on Every Pizza
Yes, this might appear to be a story about pizza (It is.) but there is a very important dog secret hidden within. I will not spoil it but you will be very pleased if you like pizza and pups. Hashtag Friday feeling.

Yersel Cumdog
This is technically not a dog but a particularly fit footballer by the name of Jason Cummings wandering around in his underwear with “Yersel Cumdog” written on his chest. I’m not exactly sure what is going on but I like that compound word.

You Aren’t Doing Enough To Keep Your Pet Safe In The Car
Have you ever driven around with a dog? It can be a bit stressful since they’re rarely strapped in. Is there anything you should do to fix this? What safety precautions are being taken to ensure dogs are cool in cars? Well, there aren’t a ton of precautions but there are some things you can do to prevent “large bags of meat and bone flying around in the interior” (AKA your dogs).

Indonesians’ Taste for Dog Meat Is Growing, Even as Others Shun It
I’m not sure how I would react if I ate dog. It would probably be a mixture of vomiting and crying: it would not be enjoyable and most people can relate to this. This is why it’s surprising that Indonesia is seeing a rise in popularity of dog meat despite great taboos surrounding the practice. Thankfully, many are shunning it.

Quiz: Which Disney Pixar Dog Should You Adopt?
If you could adopt a fictional animated Pixar dog, which would you choose? While the easy answer is likely Doug, this little quiz is a bit revealing. (I ended up getting Slinky Dog, which was not the fucking dog I was expecting.)

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