Today is the longest day and, because that means extra hours of anguish at the hands of the news cycle, here’s some good news—some dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Why Does Dog Poop Smell Bad to Us but Good to Dogs?
In case you were wondering why dogs are all about that shit smell content, it’s more than “they can smell food” but extends to information about a dog’s wellbeing and territory. Shit is a symbol for them that extends beyond excrement. And, as my Dot would say, it’s an occasional treat when whoever is walking her isn’t watching her carefully enough.

This Woman Pretended Her Dog Was A Baby And Snuck Her Into The Hospital To See Her Sick Grandma
Bringing a dog to a hospital can be a complicated matter because of health reasons and generally strict visitation rights. But, for one brilliant granddaughter with a sick, dog loving grandmother, she found a solution: she bundled up her grandma’s dog, pretended it was a baby, and snuck it into the hospital. As they say, “Goals af.”

Making New Friends: The Genetics of Animal Domestication
What makes a dog a dog has long been studied by scientists and a new book about a Soviet scientist who experimented with foxes to understand canine history sounds fascinating—particularly as it relates to animals mimicking humans. Adding to my way backlogged book list.

Fidget Spinner Dog
How can you hate fidget spinners when it’s coupled with a dog? Surely you cannot.

Deaf Shelter Dog Masters Doggie Sign Language to Impress Her Future Family
Did you know there is a canine equivalent to ASL? I didn’t! And this rescue dog figured it out by learning signals to cope with her hearing loss. Dogs are just great.

‘Chicken satay’ Served To Tourists Is Actually Dog Meat
The photos in this story are awful but you must know: in Bali, some chicken satay vendors aren’t selling you chicken but dog on a stick. This has been flagged because the poison used to kill the dogs is seeping into the meat. Fucked up all around.

Video Captures Louisiana UPS Driver’s Sweet Bond With Customer’s Dogs
You’ve probably seen this video of a mail carrier in love with dogs before but now get the background. Turns out, it has a lot to do with kindly small town love and dogs that like to roam.

When Letting Your Dog Greet Another Dog Is a Bad Idea
Dogs meeting dogs that you don’t want to meet is always stressful because—Ugh.—you’re just trying to take them for a walk before you leave the house and you don’t have time for any bullshit small talk dog drama. Thus, this little post on how to mitigate or understand if you should let a dog meet another dog is great.

A Dog Can Help You Get All the Exercise You Need
Spoiler alert: dog owners are more fit. Get a dog! Exercise twenty two minutes more a day!

Novi Students Say Goodbye To Beloved Therapy Dog
This breaks my heart because it’s so cute: a local school therapy dog is being retired because the pup is too old. It was the school’s first ever therapy dog and apparently impacted more than six thousand kids. Enjoy your retirement, pupper!!

Tips For Bringing Your Pet To Take Your Dog To Work Day
Like flying with your dog, there is no set guide for bringing your dog to work and, let me tell you, bringing a pup to the office is equally as stressful as flying with one. That’s why this little list of tips for bringing your dog to work is so great: it confirms (or denies) your work dog wants.

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