My hand is still in bum shape and I don’t really have the energy to craft a truly original post so, alas, here we are – with dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Oooh, Heaven Is a Place on Earth
This is a fabulous Father’s Day video of a giant white dog hugging a man. Is there anything else we need more of now than a husky hug from a husky dog?

Would Your Dog Eat You if You Died? Get the Facts.
A fascinating question with a fascinating answer. Which is? Yes, dogs sometimes eat dead people out of sheer opportunity and will to live. It’s much more complex and fascinating than that, sure, but dogs are animals – and meat eaters, at that.

This Dog Had The Most Extra Maternity Shoot
You know what we need more of? Dog maternity shoots as you can see above.

Viral Post Shows Shocking Video of Man Getting Attacked by Police Dog While in Handcuffs
An arrest in San Diego turned quite grisly after a K9 went off on a man, seemingly after the situation gad calmed. I talked to a few experts on the matter and, unsurprisingly, the dog was probably “in the right.” Ouch.

What Happens to Wolves When They’re Raised Like Dogs?
Although two different species, dogs and wolves are similar in that they kind of love human ownership. Dogs evolved in this direction while wolves did not but this human loving discovery of wolves was observed in a recent study where baby wolves were reared by humans – and learned to love them in a way not too distant from the way dogs love humans.

We’re all really, really going to need this virtual reality dog petting experience. I can guarantee that this will be something I will be good at.

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Rude Photographer a ‘F*cking Loser’ for Touching Her Dog
A pap touched Jennifer Lawrence’s dog to try to get her attention and the actress went off on the person. Wouldn’t you? An alien, somewhat malicious body enters your life and goes for your dog: strange and uncomfortable.

Do Dogs Know They’re Good Boys?
This is a very difficult question based on the ongoing assertion that dogs are “good boys.” Do they know they are such creatures? Yes and no. It depends on how you define “good.”

As the Tweet says, just look at that dog face after it gets a boop’n from that cat. What a baby – even if it’s a big babe!

Report: More Coke Dogs
Whoops: racing greyhounds in Florida tested positive for cocaine, a distressing fact that highlights animal doping issues. Don;t take advantage of these innocent beauties who just wanna run!!

A Deaf Dog Returns Home After 288 Days in the Mountains
If my dogs ran away? They’d reappear as roadkill somewhere in Los Angeles. But this deaf, geriatric Labrador who was gone for a year? It apparently was chilling in the forest and eventually moseyed on home. Dogs are amazing.

Hot Slut Of The Day: Pepper
Have you heard of Pepper? Pepper is a dog who went viral for getting babysat and for having a long list of diva demands. This dog is def a Taurus.

Have You Heard The Good News About Dogs?
You heard it here first. The dogs…they are getting better!


I’m dying to hear the next single from this dog. Just listen to that falsetto!

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