I’ve had a long, crazed week and there’s only one way this should end: dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Dogs Recognize Themselves in Test Based on Smell, Not Sight
Scientists have historically used the “mirror test” to tell if animals recognize themselves. Dogs have failed it repeatedly but for a reason that is only now becoming clear: they don’t care for sight but for smell. So can they recognize their own scent? Yes, yes they can – and that changes how we see dogs’ understanding of the self.

Frida Is A Good Dog, But She Hasn’t Rescued 52 People From The Earthquake in Mexico
In the aftermath of the earthquakes in Mexico, people are searching for hope and a lab named Frida is offering that. However, her track record of saving people in the disaster is skewed: she hasn’t really saved 52 people in this effort (but has in her entire career). Don’t get duped by heartwarming puppy fake news!

How to Choose the Perfect Dog If You Have Kids
An excellent question with an excellent answer: do your research and figure out what’s best for you. Relatedly, you should know how to properly introduce yourself to a dog.

Clefford the Dog Has Cleft Palate Surgery and Is on the Road to Recovery
Like people, dogs can get cleft palates and they can cause a lot of problems. A dog named Clefford made the rounds this week after his adoption and surgery and he just looks like a super sweetie.

Small Dog’s Reaction To Being Pet Will Speak Deeply To Your Soul
Voice over actor Paul Rugg has a unique way of relaxing by petting his dog. The results made me realize that my own dog has a similar way of helping me “relax.”

Coked-Up Greyhounds Are Still a Problem in the Dog-Racing Industry
Like all sports, doping happens. But, when it comes to animals, there’s a tricky line between animal welfare and doping. How bad does this get? To the point where dogs are literally doing cocaine to race better.

Watch Wes Anderson’s First Isle of Dogs Trailer
Honestly? I fucking hate Wes Anderson because he’s created a smug cool culture of aesthetics-first, thoughts-second people who love coffee and dressing their kids like small assholes from Silver Lake. But! His new film Isle Of Dogs looks fantastic for obvious reasons (although I have concerns that all of the Japanese people will not be voiced by Japanese persons).

Dogs’ Love of Man Is Real
A new study confirms what we all know: dogs love getting loved on – almost as much as they love food. Good news, people: give dogs love!

Trump Likened To ‘A Dog Barking’ By North Korea’s Top Envoy
Not to stoke any war fires but Kim Jong-un burned Trump this week in ways our president cannot comprehend. One of the burns (Sigh.) that Jong-un doled out was that Trump is a “dog barking,” that he’s making noise that has nothing behind it. Oh, to be so pantsless in the world. I hope we all survive.

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