When time gets tough, there’s only one thing we can do: get some dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Iditarod Doping Mystery: Who Slipped Tramadol To The Dogs?
Doping in any sport is bad but it’s particularly awful when dogs are added into the mix because those poor babies have no idea why their bodies are doing what the drugs make them do (and why you’re forcing them to do this shit). In a fascinating twist, the iconic Iditarod race is embroiled in a doping scandal that no one knows who’s to blame. It’s the making of a great, adorable detective movie.

How Dog and Cat ‘Kisses’ Can Turn Deadly
I love getting kisses from my dogs. But you know what? Kisses can be deadly, as some unfortunate dog owners find themselves with life threatening bacterial infections because of their animals licking them. This breaks my heart but, alas, safety first.

More Than 100 Dogs And Cats From Puerto Rico Headed To Denver For Adoption
Puerto Rico, my homeland, has long had a problem with dog overpopulation. Unfortunately, the hurricane only exacerbated the problem and places like Denver are stepping up to help with the puppy problem by opening up their kennels to these island dogs. If you’re in the area, give them a little love!

Robot Dogs Capable Of Forming Emotional Bonds, Maker Claims
In November, Sony is going to be unveiling a new “robotic” dog. Cool! Or not? Apparently the people behind the dog claim it is capable of forming “an emotional bond” with an owner, which I call bullshit on. Also, which is worse for the planet and us as a people in general: robotic dogs or real dogs? Aren’t these robots a redundancy and waste of resources?

The “UPS Dogs” Facebook Page Is Where Delivery Drivers Share Pics Of All The Dogs On Their Routes
While the old stereotype goes that dogs attack delivery people, this image might be changing thanks to a Facebook page dedicated to dogs UPS drivers see at work. It’s real cute. Maybe I should be a UPS driver? Stay tuned.

Moncler Is Now Making Adorable Puffer Jackets For Dogs
Moncler is a great fancy brand and they’re making great fancy vests for dogs now. So, if you have $370 to $450 dollars around, your dog can get in a very luxe Winter vest.

Dogs Struggle To Get A Good Night’s Sleep After They’ve Had A Stressful Day, Just Like Humans
A few weeks ago, Scooter was up all night for some weird reason we still can’t figure out. But you know what it might be? He was stressed. A recent study points out that, like humans, dogs have trouble sleeping after long days. How adorable and sad is that?

Dogs And People Have More In Common Than You Might Think
Speaking of shared problems that dogs have with people, dogs apparently are representative of a phenomena called “convergent evolution,” where species in new places evolve similarly yet independent of each other. It’s rooted in the DNA. Literally! This relationship with dogs was found by observing how they too built up tolerances to malaria in Africa. Fascinating.

All The Good Pups At The Halloween Dog Parade
It’s that time of year: time for the iconic NYC Halloween dog parade. This year’s dogs are no exception. Do look out for the Corgi Chia Pet.

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