You know what? It’s been too long since we’ve checked in with the dogs, an animal that I supposedly “hate.” Thus, here’s some dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Dog Bites Man, Man Bites Dog, Man Gets Arrested
This story may sound ridiculous and I’m here to tell you that it goes well beyond what you imagine it to be about: a New Hampshire man who was being pursued by a police dog bit said police dog who bit him back. He was charged for not only resisting arrest but for “interfering with a police dog and assaulting an officer.” Don’t fuck with police dogs!

Does Your Dog Have The Flu? Here Are The Signs
While the flu is causing a crazy stir with humans, a scare with dogs is ripping through online corridors for legit and unlegit reasons. Flu in dogs doesn’t manifest as it would in human and there are less strains than humans have. Still: know the signs because why not?

Here’s The Reason Why Your Dog Eats Poop, According To The Latest Scientific Research
For any dog owner whose animal likes to eat shit (Literally.), you’re always curious about why they do what they do. It’s been said that this is the result of smelling unprocessed food in stools but a new study suggests something somewhat obvious: they’re greedy eaters. Scientists are seeing poo as a “second-hand food source” hence why those who do the doo are seen as hungry, hungry fecalmaniacs.

‘Dangerously Out Of Control Dog’ Which Hospitalised A Postwoman With Bites To Leg Was A Tiny 8in Tall Chihuahua
Just read that headline. Click it to see the photo. How adorable is that little killer? While the story tries to shame the postal worker, I will not: my own little ten inch terror could probably do some harm. Even if small, dogs can do some harm. Don’t let the naysaying make you think otherwise! (Also, apologies for using the phrase “ten inch terror.” How male!)

Dog Nearly Dies From Severe Burns Caused By Human Hair Dye
While I try not to post negative or sad dog stories here, I am sharing this one so that no creative dog owner thinks to use human hair dye on an animal. Why? It can cause severe burns and/or death. A poor Maltese had its skin burned off from purple dye that, obviously, it did not want. Don’t do it. And, if you want to dye a pet’s hair, get dye designed for dogs.

Dog Shoots Man On Hunting Trip In Freak Accident
Of course, we have to include a Russian story: while on a hunting trip, the paw of a dog got caught in a gun and shot a man in the stomach. Ouch. This may sound rare and weird but, in America, it happens on occasion. This makes me wonder: is America the Florida of the world? We may poke fun at Russia for strange news as such but I have a feeling the opposite is true.

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