You know what hasn’t happened for some time? Mother fucking dog news.

What does that mean? It’s time for some dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Therapy Dogs Work Miracles. But Do They Like Their Jobs?
This is a thought I’ve never considered and I am fascinated with it. A study of these working dogs revealed that their work does indeed help people who need them and that, pleasantly enough, the dogs enjoy the job in return. It’s low stress and “fun” for some. What a great study.

I Love Dogs. But Can We Stop Pretending They Should Get To Go Everywhere With Us?
While this story seems like sour grapes I entirely agree and this is why I don’t often bring my dog(s) everywhere and am always sure to double check that they are welcome. Why? Some people are frightened of dogs or simply don’t want them around or are allergic. As is applied to speaking, think before you dog.

Is That Dog (Or Pig) On Your Flight Really A Service Animal?
A newly timeless question that keeps our theme going. I, for one, have never pretended my dog was a service animal because it is a disservice to real service animals and the people who need them. But how can you tell which are legit and which aren’t? Behavior, mostly. True service animals are trained to be perfect, almost invisible. Others? Probably suspect.

A Competitive Team Sport. For Your Dog.
Have you heard of Flyball? It’s apparently a competitive team dog sport that might be becoming a thing. Please, whoever is our creator, make this the new football.

Blind Dog And His Guide Dog BFF Separated After Adoption Are Reunited And Need A Home Again
You might have seen this story but a blind, geriatric dauschund was separated from its guide dog friend, a young pit bull. They were eventually reunited and adopted together. Dogs are so perfect.

Maryland Police Dog Really Isn’t Feeling The Whole Work Thing — That Is, Until He Gets His Morning Belly Rubs
Dogs are sometimes so similar to humans that they, too, don’t want to go to work.

Museum Of Dog Celebrates Man’s Best Friend
Somewhere in Massachusetts, there is a new museum called the Museum Of Dog which is dedicated to…dogs! Featuring art, canine ephemera, and objects from dog history, it examines multiple aspects of what it means to be a dog and to love dogs. We need one of these museums in every city, clearly.

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