It’s been a long time but I’ve noticed a lot of interesting things in the dog world.

So what does that mean? Dog news. DOG NEWS!!

Plane Crew Comes To Rescue Of Dog With Oxygen Mask For Flight
This story stressed me the fuck out: a French Bulldog almost asphyxiated on a flight because it couldn’t breath properly due to high altitudes and stubby snouts. The dog would have died but airline crew members stepped in an knew how to handle the problem by overhead air masks. The dog survived but, sheesh, this makes me never want to fly with my dog.

Ancient Dog DNA Reveals Close Relationship With Contagious Cancer
Want to know something wild? Native American dogs from way back when could catch cancer from each other. Why this is interesting is that European dog breeds didn’t seem to have this problem and they have since replaced these breeds of dogs and these cancerous strains. Super, super interesting.

The Secret Price Of Pets
Dogs can be expensive – especially if you are a celebrity pet. The New York Times did a wild story on this with lots of juicy tidbits about, say, how Kim Kardashian spent thousands on Neuticles™ for her dog. What a luxury! Or something!

Diamondbacks Honor Local Dog Who Saved Owner From Rattlesnake
A few weeks ago, a little puppy bb stepped in to save their owner from a rattlesnake attack – and got bit in the face. The pup’s face got all swollen and crazy and went viral and the dog was recently honored by the Diamondbacks baseball team for its good work. What a dog.

How Inbred Dogs Help Us Learn About Human Diseases
Remember that cancer dog story? Well, it’s unrelated but there dogs are super helpful and instrumental in helping us understand human diseases because their lifetimes are so short. Thanks, dogs!

Zsa Zsa The English Bulldog, ‘World’s Ugliest Dog,’ Dies At 9
Remember that ugly bulldog who won the World’s Ugliest Dog recently? Well, the poor nine year old baby has died. She will not be forgotten!

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