It’s been a busy week of politics and more so, you know, we need a bit of a break from it all—and dogs can help with that. Here’s some dog news. DOG NEWS!!

The Resplendent Humanity Of Dogs, Up Close
Dougie Wallace is a photographer who has taken to New York City streets to get up in dogs’ faces via flash photos of them that extract so much personality. The collection of photos are absolutely delightful and the type of look at dogs that we all need.

Lisa Vanderpump Saved the Dogs!!!!!!!!!
Vanderpump is a Beverly Hills Housewife who loves her pups. She loves pups so much that she has helped stop one Chinese market from selling dog meat. How fantastic is that? But it comes at a cost, unfortunately.

Pizza-Sniffing Bloodhound Thwarts Teen Thieves
After a robbery involve pizza occurred in California, a police dog was brought to the scene. And you know what? The bloodhound officer tracked down the teens involved and helped solve a crime. How many more buzzwords can we cram into this story?

Have you seen this dog content yet? It is adorable. I would go to this gym if this dog were with us working out.

Woman Rescues Hundreds Of Dogs From ‘Dumping Site’ Over The Years
A Texas woman has become a local hero after saving dogs that are repeatedly dumped and forgotten in an area of her town that people think will go unnoticed. She has been doing this for years now and has apparently saved the lives of over three hundred dogs. What a hero!

Giving A Speech Can Be Terrifying. These Dogs Are Here To Help.
“Dog audiences” are helping people with public speaking issues get better at getting in front of people. These sympathetic audiences are catching on and, as an American University program shows, we could become better people just by rehearsing conversations in front of these magical beasts.

Science Proves That Your Dog Can Talk To You… Sort Of
Speaking of dog talk, a study of people playing with dogs found that dogs attempt to communicate with you through barking and growling. This is common, a very duh observation, but what is of interest is that people are able to interpret dog desires correctly. Look how far we’ve come, fam!

Why Do Dogs Like To Roll In Smelly Things?
My dog Dottie is obsessed with taking what I call “grass baths,” where she rolls around on any available lawn after doing her stuff. The reason she does this is multi-tiered: she’s trying to hide her scent so that she can hunt better, share her sent to communicate her location to others, and help cool herself off when she’s feeling hot. This is vital information since I just assume she’s trying to get literal shit on her coat.

Yawning May Promote Social Bonding Even Between Dogs And Humans
Did you know that yawns can help heighten social bonds by building empathy? They do. They’re also contagious between species, between humans and dogs—and that can help your relationship with your pup. Yawn all day with your puppy!

What Is Jogging Doing to Your Dog?
I used to run with Dot a lot because she was really good at going long distances and loved watching birds through the neighborhood. But what did that do to her body? Well, it can cause dehydration and should only be practiced with specific breeds of a specific age. This is all to say that there are limitations to how your dog can exercise with you. Know them so that you don’t put them under any unnecessary stress.

This Costa Rican Hideaway Has 900 Dogs Ready To Be Your Best Friend
Costa Rica’s Territorio de Zaguates—or The Land Of Strays—is a giant no-kill shelter that houses hundreds of dogs. You can visit the facility and take the dogs for hikes which is probably helpful since they have so many. I don’t necessarily need a vacation but I do need more puppy time all the time. Perhaps we should all take a trip down South?

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