DOG NEWS!!! Here’s Some Dog News For You!

You know, I wasn’t planning on doing DOG NEWS!!! every week but—Fuck.—so much is always happening in dog world. So here’s some dog news. DOG NEWS!!!

Tom Hardy Says Dogs Have Inspired His Acting Performances
Tom Hardy explains how dogs inspire his performances. Here’s a bite: “I do put the dog into a lot of my characters because a dog, if you watch them, they’re so funny to watch. They speak with their eyes and their body, and I find that fascinating to observe.” This will put dog shaped hearts in your eyes.

Florida Dogs Keep Cool
Tempted to move to Florida. Look at those wet rats!

Puppy Shoots Florida Man, Deputies Say
Dogs can do anything. What a week for Floridian dogs.

Pope Francis Meets Bo & Sunny
Look at Barak’s face. He’s all like, “I won’t even pretend to believe in your powers, pope.

A Teen Syrian Refugee Carried His Puppy 300 Miles to Safety
I love this boy and his dog. He is my crush of the week.

Everyone Is Fighting Over This Fancy Dog’s Sperm
Can you believe that jizz can cost thousands of dollars? This isn’t even human jizz. What a world!

Men & Their Dogs
Something I wrote about gay men and their dogs portrayed in the media recently.

PetBot Will Help Your Dog Or Cat Take A Selfie—And Put It On Instagram
One time, I bought this dog tag that claimed that it would Tweet for my dog but it only Tweeted out these nonsensical things at the same time of day and it was a bullshit waste of $50 and I’m still mad at it. I won’t buy this thing but let’s all look at it and go, “Huh. Neat.”

Carly Fiorina Sings Songs About Her Dogs
Don’t make me like you, Carly Fiorina. Don’t make me like you, Carly.

National Dogs in Politics Day
Speaking of Carly Fiorina, today is a political dog holiday!

Pit Bulls In Flower Crowns Result In A Seriously Heart-Tugging Photo Series
What a wonderful series for wonderful dogs. Please let me lick them all!

Rescue Dog Train
Does anyone know this man? I would like to interview him. This is very serious. I want to know what makes him tick and how the train works.

This Vine
This puppy. That voice.

Cuddle Puppy .Gif
This baby is living the dream. (That is the actual human baby—not the puppy.) (Speaking of that puppy, I just want to put it in my mouth and suck on it like a piece of hard caramel. It’s so sweet.)

Tillie, The Dog Bestie
Reason 12362374687612938 why dogs are the only best friend a person—or other dog—could ever need.

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