Don’t Be That Guy: Who Wears An Undershirt The Same Size As His Overshirt

Don’t be that guy who wears an undershirt that is the same size as his overshirt. That guy has white sleeves sticking out from his shirt and two necklines, one much higher than what the actual neckline should be. That guy looks like he is wearing a distracting torso baby bib—or Spanx—underneath his shirt. (Spanx aren’t a bad thing, though: Spanx are meant to be hidden.) Don’t be that guy who wears an undershirt that is the same size as his overshirt.

That guy wears a V-neck shirt with a crew neck undershirt. That guy wears the same hoodie over it every day. That guy maybe owns five t-shirts that are—again—placed over a white undershirt that is too big for the overshirt. Don’t be that guy.

Don’t wear a bookbag with this look either: you look like a lost high schooler. Adding in the occasional movie quote or what you saw on Reddit into conversation does not help either. This can isolate some and charm others. It’s a device, predictable move. Don’t eat the same thing for lunch every day. Between that and the bookbag, there will be talk that your mother or girlfriend or boyfriend is managing your life as an adult. Sometimes you have hat hair even though you are not wearing a hat. That can be fixed by washing your hair or getting a haircut. Hat hair is bad because, again, you will look like a child. Don’t be him.

Wear jeans that fit and, if you don’t know what that means, ask me. Don’t read Stuff for to find that answer but maybe read GQ to find out. Details is probably the best bet and will make you look mysterious. Your pants should fall at your waist and be fitted, lacking baginess and falling without a break at the ankle. If there is a break, get them hemmed. You can try rolling them—but cuff delicately. You may think this makes you look like a sailor but I assure you this will enforce that you are being dressed by someone else. Again: don’t.

Don’t wear white socks with blue jeans: that is the same as wearing an undershirt that is larger than your overshirt. Don’t wear New Balance shoes in inexplicably bright colors unless it is a coordinated effort. Try to hold your head up when you talk. Look people in the eyes. Wear circular glasses—not square. When you get excited, don’t shake your hands. Gesticulate—but don’t shake your hands, wiggling them like gloves full of water. The goal is to match your inner eccentricities with your outer appearance, your clothing and movement and general shape complete the effort made in you being you.

And this all starts by not wearing an undershirt that is too big. Wear an a-shirt or no shirt. Wear deodorant if you are concerned with sweat. But don’t be that guy: don’t be that guy who wears an undershirt that is the same size as his overshirt. We all know him and we all wish better for him.

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