Don’t Forget About Tammie Brown

As I was scrolling through Tumblr this weekend, something happened: I remembered how great Drag Race Season One queen Tammie Brown is. Thus, I wanted to remind you to not forget about her.

It all happened with this little video.


Have you seen it before? I literally watched it thirty times in a row at least ten times this weekend. It’s the awkward stares, the YouTube confessional style, the obviously off-color subject matter. It’s brilliant and perfect and the type of thing that lampoons the world of drag in a way that no one else is doing.

Granted, Tammie has always been about reading people for filth and seeing right through the bullshit.

“Excuse your mouth.”: okay, Miss Tammie Brown. She has such a quick, fierce, brutal honesty that really is unrivaled. Her trademark “I don’t see you walking with children in nature.” quote has spawned inter-drag parody to the point that Tammie herself has cashed in on her making fun and being made fun of.

A jam for the whole family! Anyway, Tammie is a gem and please do not forget about her. That is all.



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