Don’t Pee On Me! I’m A Wall.

I’m just a wall. I’m on the side of a building, on the street. You pass by me every day. Do you have to pee? Don’t pee on me.

You will make me smell if you pee. Everyone will smell it, too! That’s gross. Don’t pee on me! I don’t pee on you. I know San Francisco is pretty shitty and—You know.—I don’t like it all that much either—but don’t pee on me. I didn’t ask to be built here! You can go somewhere else to pee—I can’t. Please don’t pee on me.

Well, now I do. I can pee on you. So, don’t pee on me! Or try to pee on me and see what happens. I’m a wall. I, like you, don’t like getting peed on. Let’s not pee on each other, okay? But, seriously, I will pee on you.

Isn’t San Francisco great? I know. It isn’t. Walls like me can pee on you. (Don’t pee on me.)

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