Eat Your Shrimp Tails

At some point earlier this year, I decided to make a strange change that I’ve quite enjoyed: I was going to eat shrimp tails.

This wasn’t a dare, this wasn’t for a story, this was just because I accidentally ate a shrimp tail, didn’t hate it, and tried it again to find I love the fish’s salty, flavor concentrated, crunchy ass. Yes, this sounds like crazy human composting to curb climate change but I promise you: you should eat shrimp tails. They’re good!

I’m not the only crazy thinking this too. Epicurious has been preaching the shrimp tail gospel for years, noting that we’re the odd people out as tails and shells are “prized across countries like Japan and China.” But, of course, you knew this already since sucking the insides of shrimp heads is seen as a delicacy and celebrated at both low and high dining. Moreover, the tails and shells alike are very good for you as they lower cholesterol and provide calcium (but probably not enough glucosamine to help you).

So. Eat your shrimp shells! I promise you’ll love them, especially if grilled. They’re hidden flavor zones that often go wasted and, even if you dare not be seen eating what others consider trash, make a stock with that shit. Otherwise, you’re the weirdo not eating shrimp tails (and shells and heads).

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