Eating Makeup

Los Angeles’ Ooga Booga hosted a late Summer show featuring the work of local electric post-punk artist Seth Bogart. It was called The Seth Bogart Show and was a gay gender bashing rethinking of Pee Wee’s Playhouse. It was really cool!

Well, actually, I missed the show but I followed along very closely on Bogart’s Insta and admired his hard work from afar. Thankfully, a little bit of the show has recently leaked via the release of Seth’s art/music for “Eating Makeup.” Directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford and starring local art celebs Peggy Noland, Tierney Finster, and a puffy pink compact played by Riot Grrrl Kathleen Hanna, the song is like a lo-fi rock Glass Candy jam with Bogart’s vocals pulling it together. Like everything that Hunx does, it’s a good time. The video is the best too: it takes these wild women and men and has them seduced by makeup, to the point of wanting to ingest the stuff. It’s sexy, ugly, gross, and cool.

If you ever wanted to watch people lick compacts full of Fun Dip, this is for you. What the fuck else would you expect from a song called “Eating Makeup”? Everybody’s eating makeup! Just think of it as a hip episode of My Strange Addiction. You are what you eat: a beautiful consumer.

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