El Perro Del Mar Would Die For You

It’s been a few years since Swedish popper El Perro Del Mar has released any music. But fear not, water dog fans: as her fairly active Facebook has shown, new music is on the way.

El Perro has a new album coming out in September called KoKoro, which she describes as being about “the vulnerability and the strength of the heart,” something that she hopes speaks to the universality of feelings. That sounds great, right? Yes, because she is great and her real life last name is “Assbring” so, anything that she does, I will listen to.

Buried in news of the new album is a gem that isn’t on the new album: it’s a cover of Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U,” clearly the sort of thing created in homage to the late artist and his influence. The song is seconds shy of Prince’s version and is a sensitive, sparse dry synth coo through the song. Assbring brings a quicker cadence to the song, drumming it along with her own furious soulful sound.

And that makes her version—titled “IWD4U”—a sweet revelation: it’s the sort of cover where an artist is able to swallow the song, ingesting it so that she can turn it into an entirely realized, processed homage that is still completely owned by her. The song feels like a throwaway and is easy to overlook but it’s El Perro at her best, recalling that of her 2009 masterpiece Love Is Not Pop. It’s perfect folk-disco.

You can listen to the song below and catch the new album on September 19.

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