Election Anxiety/America Is Over

What will the next few years mean for America? Who the fuck knows.

Lotic, a gay American electronic artist living in Berlin, fears the worst. To react and process what’s happening with American politics, he transformed Beyoncé’s “Formation” as the election happened, turning it into a battle call, a musical rallying point that dissolves a gay icon’s most political moment into a grasp at hope. The song—“Formation (Election Anxiety/America Is Over)”—has Lotic projecting a means to fight via drumline demands directed at queers and persons of color in America.

The song speaks for itself but, for context, Lotic explains how this remix came to be.

being in the time zone i’m currently in meant that i woke up just as the first polls were closing. i watched anxiously, while trying to go about my day as usual, as he consistently held the lead both in the popular and electoral vote. while not surprised, i immediately began to mourn for those whose lives will immediately be affected by the unfortunate outcome of this election. all i knew to do was to try to offer the tiniest bit of hope to them, to all of us. i know it’s not much, but working on this helped me keep sane (?!) throughout this tragedy. here is my ‘election anxiety/america is over edit’ of beyoncé’s ‘formation’.

The song turns an already mobilizing song into a dark, anxious call to action. It’s mesmerizing, a foreboding pop cackle into the abyss.

You can listen to the song below and be on the lookout for a forthcoming free download.

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