Engrossed Or Grossed?

Some people have really long nails, nails so long that they curve onto themselves, nails that are so long that you have to wonder how they do anything with their nails.

We all have nails so, when long nails are seen, some sort of freak showing happens because that could be any one of us if we let our clippers go dormant. It’s an incredible sight, one that inspires the question, “How does that person wipe their ass?” We’re all curious because it’s so bizarrely relatable.

Instagrammer @iluvlongnails lives that long nail life. She’s a blond mom who loves working out and wine and, of course, long ass nails. Popularized by beauty Instagrams like @shimycatsmua and @flawlessdolls, videos of @iluvlongnails chopping vegetables have been making the rounds because they are oddly entertaining. The reactions are appropriately “WTF?!” yet people are watching. There is a magic here. Watching someone with long nails do normal things is like seeing a deer in the middle of a city: it’s something that happens all the time but is rarely noticed by anyone.

The videos she posts are so captivating but they border on…disgusting? Live your life, @iluvlongnails, but we all have questions. Instead of answering anything, seeing her do things inspires a need to see more, to see what happens when a nail breaks or when the fingertip requires attention. How does a person with long nails sleep? How does a person with long nails have sex? Again: how does a person with long nails wipe their ass?

Enjoy a selection of the @iluvlongnails’ videos and try to answer the question that I am stumped on: are long nails engrossing or gross?

A video posted by @iluvlongnails on

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A video posted by @iluvlongnails on

A video posted by @iluvlongnails on

A video posted by @iluvlongnails on

A video posted by @iluvlongnails on


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