The future sounds great until the future is everything you never wanted. You know in Minority Report when ads are everywhere and they are customized to you? That’s what I mean: you never wanted pop-up ads that attack you but, with all the rest of the great future you get, invasive media comes as well.

With the Hololens bringing a future of augmented reality, that means we will probably be constantly bombarded by things, that our reality will get very claustrophobic. Sounds…great? Designer Keiichi Matsuda has a similar fear and love of the future as they’ve shown in a brilliant little short film called HYPER-REALITY, where you are placed in shoes in the not-too-distant future where everything is animated by technology—and 99% of the enlightened future is tied to overwhelming advertising. That’s not even the “worst” part of it: the character you’re viewing this very real future through is a woman named Juliana who is in poor circumstances and is located in a not-too-great South American city. Everything in life is a game, where you get points for taking the bus and buying food and entertaining a fake dog: everything is illuminated in the worst way possible.

By the end, you’re a bit confused and tied up with over-stimulation and, although Matsuda kind of throws the baby out in the end, you’re left with a lot to chew on—particularly when it comes to how you want your future to be. It’s a quick five minute watch and is extremely, extremely well done: catch it below.

HYPER-REALITY from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

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