Equality Now

Let’s talk about equality. We need it, don’t we? Yes. Absolutely.

This is something experimental electronic artist Peder Mannerfelt hopes to address because, like all of us, it’s something on the mind. How can anyone not be focused on this? This year has shown us again and again that inequality seeps through our systems. From gender inequality to racial inequality, we’re steeped in unbearable political imbalance in need of a fix—fast. So, to help, he made a song.

Called “Equality Now,” the song is a six minuted hissing drum meditation on fusing point of views. It’s jitters through, transubstantiating people and points of view that he undercuts with dystopian future buzzes to warn that shit has to get done as soon as possible. Composed of male and female and monstrous voices repeatedly requesting equality, the combines lighthearted political dance and grave sci-fi synthesis. “Equality Now” sees what happens if we do or don’t come together. Like Kraftwerk, he looks to both the delights and terrors of this struggle.

The song is from his upcoming Numbers EP of the same name and is the follow up to Controlling Body from earlier this year. He certainly is tapping into the sort of silly/serious sound that peers like Planningtorock and Lotic are playing in as well, suggesting that the more intellectual arenas of dance music aren’t content to sit by and watch the world fall to ruins. It’s time to act. We need a lot of things now, especially equality.

Listen to the song below.

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