FASHIONSPIRATION: Dennis Nedry & Dodgson In Jurassic Park

FASHIONSPIRATION is a series in which I share things that have inspired contemporary looks.

INSPIRATION: Lewis Dodgson & Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park
We don’t give Jurassic Park the fashion cred that it deserves. Yes, Dr. Ellie Sattler’s iconic tied oxford, Lex Murphy’s damsel chic, and Dr. Ian Malcom’s refined goth leather man are the most immediately attractive—but that’s not the most fashionable moment of the movie. That honor goes to its most evil—and gayest—scene: the villainous meetup between Lewis Dodgson and Dennis Nedry in Costa Rica. Seemingly innocuous, yes, but this interaction is full of flair, shared between two men lusting and giggling after each other’s evilness.

A few fashionable things are happening. For Dodgson, it’s a balancing of a simple top with a khaki married with evil gay flair. Yes, that is basically everyone in the movie’s look but Dodgson is most attractive to me because he was on screen for so little time but left the biggest impact, thanks to Nedry / Wayne Knight‘s disturbingly attractive giggle. The look is Costa Rican cool as presented by a nineties hunk. He is the epitome of American on vacation.

For Nedry, he is full on tropical fag. He wears a tropical floral shirt, speckled in Hibiscus blooms, along with fairly basic bottoms. Added bonus for his watch bling, too.

Where the two looks collide is in their interesting eyewear. Dodgson’s hat, although lovable in context, is absolutely terrible now and cannot be adopted or endorsed in any scenario. Thus, you’ll have to find your own gay flair elsewhere. Everything else? It is gay villain realness.

Dennis Nedry & Dodgson In Jurassic Park Nineties Fashion Movie Inspiration Converse Thrift Store American Apparel l.a.Eyeworks J.Crew 1234kyle5678

This is the Dodgson look. Yeah, duh, OK: this might be a little more Dr. Alan Grant but Grant wasn’t as cool, sexy, or mysterious as Dodgson. The idea here is to be simple and, of course, it’s all in the belted tuck. This look is never not nineties and gay, a preppy delicious treat packaged for casual island fun. Neck scarves feel particularly on-trend for gay boys and, if you want a cheap cool one, just go to a thrift store: there are tons of silk scarfies for the taking. The bonus here is the shoes which are ready for long walks with your evil boo.

• American Apparel Unisex Viscose T-Shirt in Taupe (NOTE: If you get it a size smaller, you look “more fit.”)
J.Crew 5″ Stanton Shorts in Salt
l.a.Eyeworks Sunglasses

Dennis Nedry & Dodgson In Jurassic Park Nineties Fashion Movie Inspiration Sandro Super Birkenstock J.Crew 1234kyle5678

The more dramatic of the two, the Nedry look is for your evening night stroll—and the key is your vacation shirt. No, it’s not a Hawaiian shirt: it’s a vacation shirt. A friend of mine referred to the above shirt as that and I love how quaint yet sophisticated the phrase is: it’s a shirt to wear to make you feel like you are on vacation. Sandro makes fantastic vacation shirts. The rest of the look? Simple khaki.

Sandro Duke Shirt
• J.Crew Factory 7″ Shorts in Khaki
Super Wire Zero Silver Sunglasses
Birkenstock Arizonas in Black

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