Five Female Fongs For Friday

Do you need something to listen to? Well, there’s a lot of good music out this week so you have no excuse for your ears being completely empty of songs. Thus, here are five songs by female artists that I’ve been digging because I’m tired of male mediocrity.

Nite Jewel‘s “2 Good 2 Be True”
On the heels of last year’s excellent Liquid Cool, Nite Jewel’s Romona Gonzalez is back with the first single from her upcoming album. The song and the video are a slice from late eighties, early nineties pop: it has touches of Paula Abdul with a whole lot of Jon Secada thrown in, all stirred up on a black-and-white beach. Gonzalez also takes a turn for the power ballad at the bridge which is an interesting choice. It’s a fun song!

Powder‘s “Heart”
Japan’s house queen Powder released her latest EP H this week and it is a slice of disco fun. The lead single—”Heart”—is a “Hustler” era throwback that is fun enough to make your mom hit the dance floor. It’s delicious and from an artist who is very much all about making music in reaction to a shitty day job.

Lizzo‘s “Drone Bomb Me”
Soul fusion artist Lizzo was recently at SXSW at NPR’s music showcase and she gave music fans a sweet surprise a third of the way into her set: a cover of ANOHNI’s now iconic “Drone Bomb Me.” It’s a great cover as Lizzo’s voice adds a deep sensuality that was otherwise missing from the original. She transforms the song from a direct political anthem to a slightly sadistic sex anthem, where she wants to be “drone bombed” by a lover, blown into mountains by their power. Yes, that was inferred with the original but Lizzo takes it direct. It’s exactly what a cover should be.

MUNA‘s “I Know A Place”
If you took HAIM‘s sweet California retro rock and crashed it into queer popper Shura, you get MUNA. Their new album about u is quite nice and the single “I Know A Place” is the type of dance/pop/rock peace-sex hybrid we all need right now. The queer girl band are the type of act that has gotta break through all musical ceilings and, with songs like this, they make it seem easy.

EMMA‘s “Glacé”
EMMA is a new London based producer who creates somewhat ethereal dance music of the twinkly, jam worthy variety. “Glacé”—French for ice cream—is a song that lives up to its sweet, sweet reference that feels like you’re pouring out musical desert from a soft serve machine. It’s the type of song that is as light and carefree as a Spring Friday. That’s exactly why it’s so special.

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