Five Good Newsletters, For Those Who Like Newsletters

Hi, do you need things to read? Do you like getting mail online? I have some things for you.

They are called newsletters. Digital, yes, but they are newsletters. Here are five that I like because I am a Liker™ of newsletters. Subscribe to them, if they intrigue. They are organized by when they arrive in your inbox.

Breakfast With Art News
The best art roundup, Art News offers a daily morning review of everything aesthetically focused that you need to know. They tell you the high brow and the low brow, from the domestic to the foreign. They also effectively mirror politics and local news too with a variety of stories of interest. Broken down by themes, this newsletter comes by email and seeks to be something to scan over with your morning coffee. It is so, so great.

Muck Rack Daily
Muck Rack is a journalist resource and social network. They do a brilliant news roundup of political and “hot topic” items of the day that curates the best digital writing that you need to read, with a focus on journalist’s expert commentary. Consider this your late morning analysis of the news cycle, a Twitter feed culled down to be only the smartest journalists speaking. It also includes fun bits like trivia and showcasing random working writers.

Push Black
Originally a text message something, Push Black seeks to share news relating to race in America, specifically about being black in America. Push Black now operates primarily via Facebook Messenger™ and email and shares everything from pressing current news to obscure stories of triumphs – and traumas – related to blackness in America around lunch time. It’s a daily must read, although the new Messenger™ format hasn’t been as successful for me as the daily text was. Perhaps this is my hate of Facebook speaking.

New York Times Climate Fwd: & Running
The New York Times has a ton of great newsletters that come weekly by email. My two favorites are the above, one of which is dedicated to the top stories on the environment and the other related to the top stories about running. Both come with great essays by their respective editors on subjects that were on their minds, making these newsletters personal and fun. The linked stories do tend to repeat week after week but they are ultimately good reads, particularly Running which comes on Saturday mornings. Also of note, which I just subscribed to, is the new Race Related newsletter.

My Little Paris
Want to feel Parisian? This biweekly-ish newsletter comes by email a few times a month and offers French culture tips, tools, and general voyeuristic peeks at what it means to be Parisian for English speakers living outside of the country. Sigh. To be French.

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