Five Great Candles Under Fifty Dollars

A home is not complete without a scent, which means your home needs a candle. There are two obvious directions to head into, either the bargain back corner of a TJ Maxx or the over a hundred dollar zone occupied by brands like Diptyque and Acqua De Parma. The mid section can be dicey. You have candles from people like Voluspa and Archipelago that, while great, are too common to be considered unique for your household. So where do you go for a candle that isn’t going to leave you unable to afford your home? I have five suggestions for you, all of which have their best offerings under fifty dollars.

• Good Candle: This Brooklyn based brand is incredible. Their candles all look exactly the same, in their white mason jarred packaging but come in kindly exotic varieties like Lemon Poppy and Washboard. And get this: prices range from $16 to $35—and that $35 candle is a pound and lasts about a month-ish (or more!). They are great and I highly recommend their Fig, Campfire, and Tomato Vine varieites.
• Jonathan Adler Pop Candles: Known for his design and ceramic work, you wouldn’t think Adler’s candles are that great. They’re a treat, though—particularly the Pop variety. Presented in brightly colored glass cups, the candles are little scent buddies that are both a great gift and great for your own house warming. There are unique, adult scents like Vodka, Watercress, Sea Salt, and more. If you want to go lavish, his ceramic candles are great too—and are less than a hundred dollars.
• Target: The cheapest on the list, Target has some great options for you—but not all are great. There is one specific brand and specific scent that I should steer you towards that is not on the website. In every store, in every candle section, there are a bunch of jars that look like this. While some of the scents are passable, non-overly-saccharine flavors, the one to lookout for is a brown waxed Wood scented candle. It’s like a smokier version of Good Candle’s Campfire for a third of the price. Stock up on these, if you find them.
• P.F. Candle: A local favorite, these little candles come in discrete jars that are less than $20 each. They are easy to buy in big batches and have a ton of fun flavors “Patchouli Sweetgrass” and “Teakwood & Tobacco.”
• Maison Louise Marie: Another LA brand, Maison is likely the most luxurious looking in the bunch. The candles are minimalist and decidedly European with delicate scents like Jasmine and Cassis. I’m partial to their Vallée De Farney scent because it kind of smells like an ex-boyfriend.

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