Five New Takes On Aviators

Sunglasses are an essential finishing touch to any outfit. While there are many styles to choose from, one masculine, classic form is the aviator and, if you don’t have a pair in your sunglasses collection, you should probably invest. They always come back into style and are great for adding a preppy element to a casual look or a loose rounding to a dressy look. They’re versatile.

But what if you want a new pair that aren’t quite aviators but still resemble their sporty, dressy, but neither characteristics? Well, here’s something for you: five new takes on the aviators for the person hoping to evolve the design of their eyewear. They are all wiry, rounded, and light with a mild reflective flair, just like the classic. These are not for military men but the modern, fashionable man looking for new optics for Spring. Check them out, dawgs!

Super’s Wire
These beauties make you look like you’re some sort of early eighties vampire. They’re very reflective and, while rounder than an aviator, have that same lightweight quality to them. Also, I bought a pair and can highly, highly recommend them. They’re just so cool and decidedly not an aviator your father would wear.

Matsuda’s M3044
This pair from heritage Japanese brand Matsuda is an excellent example of glasses that are somewhere in between classic and contemporary. The M3044 are a flossy fusion of round lenses with a bit of flair from ornamental fixtures and a lovely joining bridge. These will look fairly subtle from afar but, upon close inspection, you’ll see that these are acely crafted. They’re the Monet of aviators.

Persol’s Suprema
Similarly embellished, Persol’s non-aviators are eye catching because they balance the thin optical wiring with weighty arms. These feel like an abstraction of normal aviator construction, blurred in every part to be less ready to pop up in a scene of Top Gun.

Warby Parker’s Kincaid
Undoubtedly the most alternative (and cheapest), these Warbies employ the wiry frame to contain actual hardware—and any imagined hardware too. They add an element of intrigue to the face and, surprisingly, have a minimizing effect on the eye. If you really, really, really want to rebel against the aviator faction, go for these. They’re the most extreme and will tell your dad “I’M NOT YOU!!! DON’T MAKE ME WEAR THOSE GLASSES!!!”

Cutler And Gross’ 1133
This pair are the closet in form to the classic aviator but aren’t without their own personality which comes from double bridges across the nose. The glasses intrigue because the actual lenses are super round, without the classic aviator dip into something more triangular. Moreover, Cutler glasses are extremely luxe: these are a very serious pair of sunblocking hardware.

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