Five Songs By Women (& A Man Bonus) To Get You Through Today

We all need a little help getting through today. So. Let’s empower ourselves through music!

Here are five fairly recent songs by women to empower you, offering some fight songs for your weekend, for your month, and for the foreseeable future. Enjoy, fam.

Avalon Emerson‘s “Dystopian Daddy”
Can you believe Donald Trump is now president? If ever there was a song to represent this apocalyptic male figure taking office, it’s this song. It’s fucking called “Dystopian Daddy” and is a thumping upper that you can imagine scores the scene in the movie where the enslaved citizens of the republic decide to revolt. We are more powerful than this man in a temp political job.

ANOHNI‘s “Marrow”
The closer to the excellent HOPELESSNESS, this song touches on how America and the associated thoughts are a bit of a plague. As our autocrat-in-chief takes office, you can easily see his philosophies running off and causing some other ugliness in the workd. We can’t let that happen. Try as he and his regime might, they can’t suck out our marrow. (For an alt ANOHNI political jam of the now, try CocoRosie’s new song “Smoke ‘Em Out” featuring the political singer. It’s not that great but worth mentioning as it relates to topicality.)

Austra‘s “Future Politics”
The future of politics is about fighting back and Austra is all about that fight. The title song of their new album (out today) touches on the need to move forward and evolve as it relates to thought. Why? That’s the only way to fix things, with future thinking politics. Fight on, with these queer musicians keeping the beat.

Gast & Copeland‘s “Sisters Of Control”
Let this be what carries us through our march forth, tomorrow and beyond: a soft, droning, off-jazz bass song meditating on the need for us all to come together. But who is the “us”? Women. This is our time, yes, but women are the agents of change right now: they are leading the march. We’re here to support you, as this song suggest with Copeland taking the lead as Gast trails behind in a blur.

Tkay‘s “Simulation”
It’s wishful thinking to say this but maybe we’re living in some sort of alternate reality or elaborate reality television prank. Wouldn’t that be great news? That is absolutely not the case but we can imagine, we can dream, we can only hope that this is a simulation—and that is what Tkay gives us in the most bubbly, adorable way.

And, finally, one other song—by a man.

Matthew Dear‘s “Wrong With Us”
Maybe something’s wrong with us? Clearly. Dear’s pre-meditative DJ Kicks release is a dark percolator wondering exactly that: what is our fucking problem? We’re not right. Let’s fix this.

Finally, for a very, very full listen to empower you, check out the Discwoman and Allergy Season compilation Physically Sick. It’s forty songs by disgruntled male, female, LGBTQ, and beyond techno artists intending to fight the man. All proceeds go to the ACLU and like organizations.

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