Five Songs For Friday

It’s Friday and a lot of good music is out that you need to hear: here are five songs for Friday, my non-gendered dudes.

Young Ejecta’s “Build A Fire”

The follow up to the follow up of Young Ejecta’s 2015 “debut” The Planet, “Build A Fire” sees Neon Indian’s Leanne Macomber and Joel Ford create more dreamy sex space pop. The song features their requisite mix of heavy synthisized bridging and clever lyrics gently sung by Macomber. If this song suggests anything, it’s that an ample, strong third release will follow it.

Blondes’ “KDM”

Ahhh, yes: Blondes, the Brooklyn deep techno duo known for making very, very, very smart dance music. It’s the type of sound that is appropriate for 3AM drunk dancing in the dark as it is for 11AM contemplating your life while you work on [insert whatever creative passion you have]. They’re a versatile group and “KDM” doubles down on this notion as a taste to their forthcoming new album.

Trus’me’s “I Want You (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)”

After revisiting the excellent MixMag mix by Veronica Vasicka, this remix of a 2013 Trus’me song stands out as a sexy, party song when in the hands of Alan Fitzpatrick. The song is very much about fucking and getting “deep inside” of someone that you love and, hey, it would be great for some late night hair pulling sex. Do with that what you will.

Omar Souleyman’s “Es Samra”
Souleyman is an all star, a Syrian wedding performer turned electronic cult figure, and his music seems more important than ever given the turmoil his homeland faces. His new album features more of the same party music from the Middle East and, while I do not know what he’s saying, “Es Samra” feels like the best distillation of his party sound paired with some seriousness. (My poor research of the song makes me think that it could be in reference to a Northwestern region of Syria known for its proximity and relationship to Armenia.)

Laurel Halo’s “Moontalk”

One of the biz’s finest electronic thinkers is back today with her new album Dust. It’s probably her sunniest release and songs like “Moontalk” capture a strange tropicalness that shouldn’t work for anyone but, paired with bygone phone sfx and Halo’s coo, it does—and it’s an irresistible Friday jam that builds to quite an enormous end. The entire album is a gem but this song in particular is very special.

Also, hey asshole: take a Summer Friday. Don’t be a dickhead, thickhead American. Take time for yourself. Listen to this music. Enjoy yourself. Fuck the man, fuck that rich kid you work for. Live your live.


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