Five Songs For Friday

Do you need something to listen to? Of course you do—and it probably shouldn’t be Joanne.

Enjoy these five songs for Friday, to enliven your day until it’s your day-off.

Austra‘s “Utopia”
Nearly three years after their somewhat flawless hometown love letter Olympia, Austra are back with a preview of their upcoming 2017 political play Future Politics. The first song is more of the same in terms of style—queer chamber electronic—tilted toward a semi-sad future. It’s called “Utopia” and suggests that their album will pick up where Planningtorock left off with All Love’s Legal.

The Radio Dept.‘s “We Got Game”
The Swedish politi-poppers are back after a very long time between albums with Running Out Of Love, out today. They continue down their low-tech electro-rock-pop path but with some twists of oddity. “We Got Game” is the best example of this as it’s a lovely, bizarre fusing of Radio Dept.’s aesthetic with Jock Jams booty bouncing.

Jenny Hval‘s “Conceptual Romance”
Perhaps one of the best albums this year, Hval’s Blood Bitch is an eerie and feminist Halloween wander through everything from vampires to periods. The most dark dream pop moment comes courtesy of “Conceptual Romance” which speaks of a relationship that is exists in the hypothetical despite it being real. It’s a bittersweet song for Fall.

Willow‘s “Untitled A1”
London’s Sophie Wilson made huge waves in September with her debut EP Workshop 23 for the Workshop label. It’s infused with dreamy, bending synthetics and lovely, breathy vocals. “Untitled A1” starts it off and is the sort of understated dance song that instantly arches your back and prickles the hair on your legs. It’s equally prepared for nightclub pre-gaming or late-night chills.

Minimal Violence‘s “Houses”
Minimal Violence is the combination of Ashlee Luk and Lida P. and their new 1080P EP Night Gym is an exciting wander through a strange faux-city. The release feels like a hybrid of Chicago house with early aughts minimalism, a little something for the young and the old. “Houses” throbs and thumps, parading a big, buoyant idea of jittery tech tropes.

Need more? Want more? A few suggestions: Cakes Da Killa’s debut Hedonism is out today; Katie Gately’s Color is alternate universe pop for nerds; Pye Corner Audio’s Stasis is moody minimal for old young people; and that new Danny Brown album—Atrocity Exhibition—is a wild and crazy political rap romp.

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