Four Minutes Of Every Day In December Should Be Dedicated To This Patti Labelle Video

There are a few things I need to hit on my playlist of holiday goods to put me in the mood.

As I’ve spoken about before, this takes the form of decorating with cinnamon pine cones and listening to “Holiday Extreme” amongst watching various films dedicated to the season. You know what else this includes? Some viral videos. Those help add a brief, little pep to your holiday step.

Yes, there are holiday Vines aplenty but there are also longer videos that just offer you specific holiday spirits you may be forgetting about. For example: the stress of having to get something done toward the end of the year when everyone has checked out but you – The great you that you are. – are still on, picking up the slack for everyone else. That is a very specific holiday feeling – and there is a video that captures that certain je ne sais quoi.

The video is of Patti LaBelle at the 1996 National Christmas Tree Lighting where she performs “This Christmas” with a military band. It starts off on the wrong foot from her introduction and never quite gets on the right foot. Her background singers are nowhere in sight, the cue cards with the words to the song are off, and Patti is left out there, in the open, to pull a performance off despite everyone acting very brand new. She pulls it off like a pro (Because she is.) and it is just a perfect, perfect, perfect long play holiday blooper.

Bless this season. Bless this feeling that you are the best in the room. Thank you for giving this to us, Patti. Watch the full video below and, if you’re like me, you will dedicate four minutes every day this month to this video. It’s one of the many reasons for this season.

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