Free Advice: Pick Out Your Clothes The Night Before

Decision fatigue, where a society of choices yields people who explode or make rash decisions simply because they are fucking over trying to make a decision.

A lot of decision fatigue can come from your clothing too, particularly if you are a person like myself who slaves over outfits for little or no recognition. While this may seem like a non-issue, getting flumoxed by the decisions your closet presents you can lead to a more tired brain. Moreover, this process of picking out clothing can take over thirty minutes for some people, for some occasions. That’s a lot of fucking time wasted staring at a bunch of non-new clothing.

So. What do you do? Pick out your clothes the night before.

This is something I have done for years now and, while I rarely know how I’m going to feel when I wakeup, I use my end-of-day exhaust to quickly pick something “good enough” as I get out of my day’s wears. This makes the process of getting a fashion together less than five minutes in length and I naturally drift toward what will be an easy, non-fussy, simple outfit that is very different from what I wore as I picked out the outfit. I then lay the clothing out in the bathroom so I can take care of things like ironing or steaming in the morning.

And, yes, this decision includes the tiny details. Pick out your shoes, socks, hats, earrings, etc.: grab them and put them all in one place for you to sort out in the morning. Again: at the end of the day, you are tired and want to make quick choices. If you force yourself to figure out your fashion at this time, you will breeze through the process. And I rarely second guess these decisions save for the handful of times I practice this practice while intoxicated which usually leads to daring outfits, at best, and cobbled non-outfits that consist of something like two sweaters and a sandal.

While I “invented” this myself, this thought isn’t a fashionable outlier nor is it reflective of a hyper attention to detail: it’s a common thought. As GQ noted in 2015, pre-planning your outfit prevents you from “spend[ing] your morning running late and sweating through anxiety-inducing last minute outfit decisions.” Business Insider suggests you take this idea further by pre-planning your outfits before the week even starts. (A note: I’ve done this and it doesn’t work. You inevitably get bored of these pre-planned outfits because you stared at them every day until the time came to wear it.) As Apartment Therapy says of the action, pre-planning an outfit is great for those who like to “hit the snooze button one – or a few – too many times.”

Take it from me: lazy your way to having more time and looking better. Pick out your clothes the night before and, if you get bored, gamify the process.

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