FrogTV. Frogs watching television. Real television or amateur television? It’s frog TV. It’s TV for frogs. Ribbit, ribbit: time for FrogTV.

“Worms,” the voice says. “We all know them, we all love them—and today you are getting a full minute and thirty four seconds of worm time. This is FrogTV.”

“FrogTV?” the two of them think. “Worms. You say worms, you show worms.”

A worm pops onto the screen.

“Ahhh: worms. Don’t we love them?” the voice continues as a wriggler dances over the screen. The crowd of two bend their eyes forward. The voiceover continues over the video. “I’m Joe Myers and this is FrogTV, the only show where you frogs get what you want and only what you want. As you can see, we’re worming our way around the screen today.”

What is that?” a man in the back says. He hops forward. “What is that?” He slides closer to the screen dragging his back legs.

“Worms!” another yells. Two or three come over. They jump over the man from the back. “Worms. Gimme them worms,” he hums.

He jumps at the camera. Another jumps at the camera. This is FrogTV. Another jumps. And another. And another. The men begin to sweat. They stand atop of each other. They stare. The worm wriggles as some hold the screen. They millimeter closer. Some turn away, tonguing their frog mouths. A few stand on each other. They jump at each other, unintentionally. They aim at the screen but they hit each other, colliding in front of FrogTV. Some hop away, distracted, as others continue atop of each other, eyes fixed on the screen.

“Isn’t this great?” the voice says. They all sit and watch. No one moves anymore. They gaze into the screen.

The frogs watch television. Real television. They enjoy FrogTV. Ribbit, ribbit: FrogTV.

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