Fuck It, JJ Is Back

One of the more confounding, wonderful musical acts of the past decade is Sweedish duo jj. They stand in between a few musical fields: mellow, high dance music, rap referentialisms, and psych-rock. They can be quite dreamy and funny, if you allow them to be. Their freshly—and adorably “aggressive”—new release “Fuck It” is in keeping with their mildly irreverent material.

“Fuck It” features a lot of swears over very icy, marching synthetics and—Like lots of jj.—feels like a slowed down gangster rap song being projected from two cherubs who thought it would be fun to go thug. The song, of course, has all the jj attributes like hiccups and echoes and howls and the same lyrics over and over and over again. The affect here is an attempt at confrontation, asking listeners what they fuck they are going to do when jj comes running. “Fuck It” is a magical skip over the shockingly boring V from last year. Perhaps this is their apology and why the latter half of the song falls under the weight of synthetics? Probably.

The song comes from the forthcoming five track EP called death. Obviously, this is a darker turn for them—but every thing they do seems darker than the last thing they did. The EP is out August 12. Listen to “Fuck It” below. Fuck it, y’all.

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