Furby Living, Where Furbies Are Pop Stars

Furbys, the bygone digi-pets who speak a made up language and piss you off by their inability to actually love you. What are they up to today?

Besides growing fucked up, lifeless digital eyes and lingering outside of a designer like Jeremy Scott’s pop culture mashing brain, the toy monsters have had little relevance in today’s culture. Moreover, they have failed to capture the hearts and minds of the generation (Millennials.) that once held them dear.

How can we fix this? By mashing Furbies with cool kid music: this is Furby Living.

Furby Living is a stupid/brilliant, bad/good, single serving Tumblr and Instagram that takes popular alt-music items — Arca, Grimes, Bat For Lashes, Adele, Björk, etc. — and digitally cross pollinates them with Furbies. You get bizarre hysterical works like Daft Punk and Lana De Rey as a Furby, some of the creepiest fucking creations to ever be created. They look like they could be extras in Five Nights At Freddy’s or runway ready fashion freaks. They are oddly captivating yet thoroughly disgusting.

Much of this has to do with the ace digital recreations and riffings of popular music artwork with Furbies, something that should flop on all fronts but really, truly does not due to an inventiveness and talent in combining the two. It is easy to overlook these creations as fucking absurd but these little images are the handiwork of someone with talent and an extreme love of music (and Furbies).

Yet, the account has been fairly dormant this hear but is still a lush clickhole to play around in. I forget how I happened upon the account but I was instantly mesmerized — and disgusted. It inspires only knee jerk reactions, a fit of giggles and mouth vomit in tandem. If you’d like to peruse their archive, you can do so here. You will absolutely love and hate it.

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