“Gay Men Love Skincare”: An Interview With Malin+Goetz

While this is not a safe bet, I would be willing to put money on their being a Malin+Goetz product in most cosmopolitan gay men’s bathrooms. Their products are good looking, smell great, and are at a specific price point that says, “I have taste and money (but not too much money).” It’s a faggy status symbol.

The connection is obvious for those reasons but also because the products were almost engineered for us since Malin and Goetz are both gay. A couple themselves, Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz are the ultimate gay #relationshipgoals: they get to make cool, pretty, delicious products that are almost universally adored. Gay or straight or whatever, who doesn’t want to do what they’re doing? The dream is being able to live and work with someone, partners in life and work.

Because I was curious about their story and, really, what they look like, I found myself in a deep Malin+Goetz clickhole where I eventually landed on a little interview from six years ago where the couple explain what it’s like to be gay and working in skincare. “I mean we’re in beauty,” Goetz explained in the video. “I mean it’s not like we’re in the NFL, so we we’re pretty at ease in our industry.” Fair point.

In terms of any advantages to being gay and in business, Goetz had a great point that I hope to fully embrace myself.

I think being gay gives you a certain resiliency and a certain confidence that, “hey I’ve been through some hurdles before and instead of internalizing them I’m going to use those experiences as an entrepreneur to really stand up for what I believe in and to go after what I want and not to be intimidated by anything.

I love that. I mean, I do that—but I don’t do that. The video continues with the two explaining what it’s like to live and work in New York City and who their gay role models are. It’s a great little watch, especially when you consider this was conducted right before they exploded into the big brand that they are now. It’s inspiring!

Watch the video below and, if you’re feeling the love, grab some of their goods since they’re doing a promotion today.

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