Gaze Into This Light, Please

In the new issue of Dwell, the one thing that caught the eye was a fucking weirdo art light from France that I am pretty sure embodies me as a person. It’s by a sweet, cute ginger designer named Ferréol Babin. It’s called Aurore and I would like you all to gaze at it.

The light is just a prototype and, boy, is it a beauty. It has two functions: when off, it’s a colorized mirror that changes colors and, when on, the light changes color depending on its proximity to the surface it shines on. There is also a suggestion that it “could be” handheld but a pretty little thing like this should probably sit on its own table and be adored.

I just love how wild the colors are not to mention how precious it is (“precious” as in “adorable”—not overly fancy). I have no practical use for this light but I would very much care for a holiday version of it, perhaps fashioned to be a contemporary take on the Christmas color wheel.

Babin has lots of other great designs and, according to Dwell, is going to make lots and lots more lamps. This is great news. Please create more jewel toned lighting devices for us, my red headed design beauty.

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