Gender Is Over

One of the most freeing thoughts is that gender is a lie, it’s a liquid and living something that cannot be boxed in. To not allow yourself to be more than one gender or to do whatever you please in how you present yourself is to be stuck in an antiquated idea of what the self is. You can choose your gender or non-gender, sure, but to question it and play around with it and appreciate different expressions of gender is to fully embrace the lie of gender.

You could take it even further and say that gender is over. Gender is passé and stupid and something we need to crumple up and throw away. Does it matter? Do we really need to be defined by fucking roles and genitals and stupid flesh things that are only really important to men because it gives them power? Nope. That sounds really boring and that is exactly why I love a little campaign called Gender Is Over.

The concept for the campaign is a riff on Yoko and John’s iconic “War Is Over! (If You Want It)” and intends to raise awareness of gender fluidity, different gender identities, and the violence, inequality, and oppression those with non-conforming genders face. Gender is over! Throw that shit away and be done with it: let people be people and don’t stand in their way, dip. G.I.O. is getting this idea out there thanks to some black and white jerseys that bluntly project “GENDER IS OVER.” They’re wonderfully andro and, duh, without a specific engendered wearer: it’s for anyone.

I love these shirts. They’re currently sold out and all proceeds go to help nonbinary / LGBTQ organizations. How rad is this? If you can’t wait for your tank and want to get a step closer to your own G.I.O. shirt, they’re giving away the tank Laura Jane Grace wore while touring all Summer. Again: how rad is this? Grace is a true trans soul rebel and a (personal) symbol for being gender punk gender cool. I love her and I love this campaign. Gender isn’t just a lie: gender is over. Move on, dude.

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