Get High And Watch This Painting Instagram

Sometimes, you just need art that is nothing else but mesmerizing abstraction.

And, thankfully, Ukrainian Instagram artist @lilly_arts is fulfilling this desire with a feed that shows off artworks in-the-make that are gooey mixings of color. They’re mesmerizing, pointless, and something really great to get high and watch, awed by a clash of colors.

For example.

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It all starts off some little globs of paint, layered, that are smoothed out with a painter’s knife. The paint is swirled and swirled and swirled until it appears that the paint has become one color but then the artist does this thing where she lifts out hidden colors, starting this mixing dance anew. It’s so dumb. It is so great. I’m going to get so baked and watch this shit and think about how colors are expressions of our souls.

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Yes, most of the time these videos look like strange toothpaste that is being rubbed out on a counter and, yes, the substances and surfaces in these videos likely end up thrown away at some point and, yes, every single video seems to end in some sort of teal muck – but they are great to watch while high. It’s so mindless. It will remind you that art has a power, akin to staring at a night’s sky wondering what’s out there: what is within these pools of paint?

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Sometimes glitter gels are involved and the consistency gets all weird but, also, it kind of looks like ocean waves from above. Wow. Art.

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In some situations, hardened or solid paints are crushed for the same effect. This adds sound effects to the mix, which is a clever way of varying up what’s being done here. It’s kind of like ASMR but visually executed. It’s nice. (But not as nice as works by people like Stanley Whitney who seem to have a bit of a more nuanced understanding of color theory.)

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It’s like those slime videos the kids are freaking out about: pointless yet soothing, whimsical wastes. But are you thinking about that when you are balls deep in flowers? Maybe you’re thinking about global warming and America’s consumption problems but, most likely, you’ll just want to chill and be mesmerized by paint swirls.

This Instagram is that. Serve it with a side of Juliette Lewis’ Stories.

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