Do you use sex toys? You can be honest with me. They can be fun, right?! They’re especially fun when they’re weird like a dick egg (but not when they look like something that is dead).

What about high tech sex toys? Those, admittedly, kind of scare me because I don’t want a robot on my sex part or in my sex part. The idea of sex Terminator stresses me out—but I’m not discounting that they should exist. I, personally, don’t want to play with them. That’s why the INME sex toy concept is intriguing: it’s a personalized, digitally focused designer “sex gadget.”

From European industrial designer Constantin Bolimond and identity designer Maxim Ali, the toy is a bit of a totem pole for sex. It intends to please through variety in shape, texture, and color but also vibration, rotation, temperature, and more. It’s also operated through your phone, moving and playing with a touch of the screen.

So what is it? It’s a mixture of a dildo and anal beads that can do whatever you want, per your settings. It can take the form of the phallus or the more pliable strung together balls. There even appears to be a little Ring Pop™ version too, a little sex nub to rest on.

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INME intrigues because it applies a personalization element to your sex product along with a high tech angle that seems absent in toys when it comes to unique pleasure. (Granted: I have no idea. I don’t play with toys that often, mostly because they are expensive.) The INME is also super, super good looking thanks to Bolimond’s design.

There’s no word on if the product is just a prototype or for sale but it’s certainly interesting and, as Bolimond told Dezeen, it seeks to help you “experiment with [your] sex life.” Clearly. The toy takes 25 minutes to charge, lasts 3 hours, can be used in up to 2 meters of water, and usually comes with six elements. We’ll all have to stay tuned to when we can get our asses onto this thing. It’s so designy delightfully weird great.

(Also, some LOL: INME is not to be confused with an English alt metal band nor should it be confused with a kid’s outdoor adventure program.)

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