Get Ready To Get Creeped The Fuck Out With Follower

Follower is an app where someone literally follows you.

“Don’t go unnoticed,” the app explains, proceeding to convince you that you should pay a simple, unnamed price for someone to fucking walk around and follow you and make you feel special without making you feel special. Ever wanted to feel self-conscious? Ever wanted to stop a bad habit? Ever wanted to get caught doing something? Or feel stalked? Or generally creeped out?

Follower is for you.

It’s just so bizarre…but that kind of makes me want to try it. It’s Internet culture spun into an odd, physical manifestation, like a fear brought to life a la The Babadook. It’s for those who feel insecure or those who want human interaction without any actual interaction, for those who want to know there are eyes on them or maybe those who think they are on The Truman Show. It’s for performers who haven’t ever been appreciated for their performances. Consider your follower a little audience who will applaud you for being you.

Yet: it’s fucking weird. If you live in New York City and need some attention, you can try it. If you live in New York City and pay attention and are curious about people and want to be a creep, you can be a follower. It’s all so fascinating. It’s all so disgusting. It’s all so delicious. It’s all so Internet.

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