Get That Good Gay Smell: Fellow Resident X Earl Of East London Candles

If you aren’t digging into digital gay mag Fellow Resident, you’re behind on the online times, dude. The London based web-mag is dedicated to sharing the stories about how the modern gay man lives. It’s pretty great!

One of their interview subjects are the dudes behind Earl Of East London. The store sells lots of familiar cool fare but are known for making their own little soy candles. They have a quick selection of smells online, like garden ready Greenhouse, firey Smoke & Musk, and the floral leaning Wildflower.

As a cross promotion moment of gay genius, the Earl dudes made a candle inspired by Fellow Resident that was handed out at their housewarming event nearly a month ago. The F.R. guys sent me a copy of the candle a few weeks back and it was so delicious that I zipped through it in maybe half a week. It was so fucking good.

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I literally have no idea what the scent was either. It had a discrete little Fellow Resident tag for the flavor and no other explanation to it other than it smelled good. It was both spicy floral and man musky, a combination that felt like it could have be confused for a biazrro version of Le Labo‘s Santal fragrance. The soy wax of the candle gives it a nice clean burn and tempts you to use it like a solid cologne. I resisted though. It took a lot—but I resisted.

No word on whether the candle will be released wide (and, honestly, it could already exist: I haven’t encountered the other E.O.E.L. candles in person yet). Keep an eye on Fellow Resident though as the candle collaboration may end up online at some point. If it does, I highly suggest you get your hands on it. It is one of my favorite scents of the year and UPDATE: the candles are now available for purchase! Get them here. If you want more candle ideas, I also burn through these babies because I am gay.

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