Get You Some Desk Balls

There are lots of things you can do to relieve stress. You can meditate, you can exercise, you can have a cocktail: whatever puts you at ease is a valuable mental asset.

What about a stress ball? Sure, those are certainly a fun option despite their association with shopping at Oriental Trading Company. The relief squeezing toy are somewhat bygone but, like everything else, it might just be time for them to make a comeback. Spanish creative agency Imaginarte has a really fucking creative idea to jumpstart the stress ball industry: testicle shaped stress balls for you to squish when under pressure.

They’re called the Niceballs and are a pair of glowing flamingo pink suction testicles for you to put under your desk. Think of them as TruckNutzā„¢ for the office, a way for you to get your kicks without anyone noticing. They’re maybe perfect?

The brand supposedly (“supposedly”) created Niceballs with “one of the special effects engineers for the movie Gravity” to create a pseudo-scientific means for people to let it all hang out. Beyond kicky mental stimulation, the Niceballs are fantastic for venting via simulated emasculation, squeezing male parts until they metaphorically explode, while also providing practice for coital collisions outside of the office. That makes them a triple threat: stress reliever, emasculation exerciser, and soft sex toy. Fabulous!

Niceballs are only a prototype, unfortunately, but there is a chance they might get made. If you visit their website, you can sign up for updates and suggest a price you would pay for the product, a means to will them into existence. And please do will them to life: we all need a little sack of balls to grope until we feel better.

UPDATE: The product is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Give them a little love!


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