Get You Some New Undies: Four Underwear Brands To Slip Into

Do you need you some new underclothes? We all do, let’s be honest.

Be it because we’re too lazy for laundry or because we’re simply looking to get out of name brand boxers, you might be looking for some junk drawers. Where should you look? Well, I have a few suggestions: here are four new(-ish) underwear brands you may want to consider slipping into.

Le Slip Français
This adorable French brand specializes in wears to wear all over the country of origin with special awareness to beachy items like espadrilles and swim shorts. They also make fabulous little red, white, and blue undies that will put a little Paris flair in your pants.

The White Briefs
For the sophisticate, Sweden’s The White Briefs offer basic underwear and clothing in monochromes done in different, interesting finishes. From stripes to mesh, this brand intends to dress you up with so little and add some intrigue to when you don’t need much to wear.

Want to get sophisticated with your faggy underwear? Try Hom, a sexy French brand that describes itself as “a benchmark of masculine excellence.” This is funny considering they sell g-strings, jockstraps, micro-briefs, and “shortys” among their standard boxers and briefs.

HANRO is a Swiss brand hoping to provide a luxurious twist to underwear basics. Think of them like a far away Fruit Of The Loom that are of much nicer design and materials. Do you need expensive underwear though? Probably not but a nice pair or two are fun to wear.

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