Gimme That Gasoline Smell

You know when you go to a gas station and you are like “Damn: what is that good smelling stuff?” and then you feel guilty and like a sniff happy transient because you are indulging in gasoline fumes? It’s a good sensation. No, not the buzz: that smell. My nasal capabilities is my defining sense and I can assure you that gas smell is a good smell. I would smell it all the time if I was ensured that I would not be brain damaged as a result.

There is a way to do this, though: Burbank based Shoppe 815 are making candles that smell like gasoline. As a part of their butch, industrial line of tin candles, they’ve made a gassy candle. It comes in a banged up tin and looks like it should be something that you pour into a motorcycle or lawn mower. Is it really a candle? It is and it smells great.

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I picked up the scent while looking for affordable candles at American Rag and bumped into these goodies while grabbing a few ugly-but-nice smelling things next to them. I picked a few similarly interesting scents—leather, oakmoss, motor oil—and was shocked to be so pleased with the gasoline smell. Believe me: my dream is to be able to smell motor fuel all the time. This candle is that. It’s that indulgent gas station smell with the fumes cut out of it, instead replaced with a lemony overtone that mellows out what usually makes you dizzy at the pump. It’s a genius candle great for gifting a gear head or that nose freak who likes smelling shit they shouldn’t.

The candle supposedly burns for eighty hours which is a great deal since it costs less than forty dollars. The only complaint about these candles is that they can be hard to open but that’s not a big deal: you aren’t going to be closing and opening and closing and opening these things. (But it does make it tricky to scent test them when at a store.) So why not pass this gas to yourself and stink up your home with the delightful best worst smell of gasoline? You will love it.

Now, if only we had more things that look like gasoline puddles. We would be super styling, wouldn’t we?

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