Glassware For The Entire Family

There are twenty five days until Christmas which means I am hunting for shit online. There’s so much good stuff to gift! An idea: give something artsy.

A very easy way to do that is to opt for a little ceramic something, a piece of glassware that is both an artistic object and a functional home item. So how do you gift people glass items? I have some ideas: here are glasswares for everyone in your family.

For The Functional Father: Echo Park Pottery Splatter Mug
Your father probably drinks some shit (like coffee) and he’ll want something cool to drink out of so give him this Peter Shire, post-Memphis design cup. They are very quickly becoming collector’s items and, even though your father won’t know that, you will have something to smile about when you watch him sip.

For The Multipurpose Mother: Hands & Hand Vase
Moms have it going on. Too much, sometimes. So why give them one vase when you can give them this five porcelain mini-pots for their everything? They can hold flowers, keys, pens, papers, and anything else that need a storing.

For The Bodacious Bro: Jujumade Ceramic Earrings
Juju’s makes fingernail sized ceramics that are certainly an eyecatcher because they are so glossy and blocky on your ears. Your brother will like this! He’s progressive. He has his ears pierced. Get these for him! I gifted myself a pair of these and get lots of compliments on them. (My one warning: the earring post is a bit long and tends to stab you in the neck—especially if someone hugs you too tightly.)

For The Sophisticated Sister: Jessica Hans’ Swirl Vase
This dudette probably has many vases—but she might not have anything as rad and colorful and most distinctly different as this pot. Hans’ colorful work stands well on its own too: even if your sis has a ton of vessels, she’ll be pleased to have something people will talk about for being crazy looking.

For The Pretty Pet: Helen Levi For Love Thy Beast Bowls
These bowls from Brooklyn are beautiful little splatters that come in a bunch of different sizes. They’re interesting to look at and are obviously very durable. Your little dude or dudette will love it almost as much as you do! Note that these bowls are only available in stores from Love Thy Beast but I am sure you can call them and figure out how to purchase them wherever you are.

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