God, How Hot Was Scott Weiland?

Scott Weiland died. This is hours after he made headlines and won liberal hearts for lashing out against ISIS and Donald Trump. It’s a shock.

I admit: I’m not an STP fan nor have I ever been that entrenched in Weiland’s work. He was the kind of star who was always around, on the outskirts of what I was into, but never directly in my line of sight. I didn’t catch onto him until the release of STP’s fourth album, No. 4. This was a time when they were fully adopted by MTV and got the Making The Video treatment for the song “Sour Girl”: that was my intro to Weiland, in the making of an OK music video for an OK song that included Sarah Michelle Gellar as the female lead in the video.

After his Making The Video episode, I became obsessed with how he looked. His sharp jaws and his spiky hair and his tattoos and his sharp teeth were all the making of the manliest man of the early aughts. It was a master class in sexy. Weiland was the kind of guy that I would never be and that I was never really attracted to but I loved him because he was pretty and he could probably beat me up. He wiggled around demon Teletubbies and he cursed and wore big sunglasses that suggested that he was sensitive but was instead a front for being hungover. I thought he was sensitive. I was also 13. The person behind the visuals of the Weiland I loved was David Slade. The director went on to make Hard Candy and 30 Days Of Night in addition to a Twilight movie. (Ouch.)

No, I am not a super fan of Weiland nor am I that familiar with his history. I know dude was into drugs and that his body helped form my sexuality. He was so hot. He helped me realize how hot and mean men can look.

RIP, dude. Keep fighting ISIS and Trump in heaven. Watch the Making The Video episode below in addition to the “Sour Girl” video.

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