Gone Goes Gender

Let’s talk about gender, baby: it’s over. It’s a drag.

Gender is breaking down, particularly in fashion. While men still have a harder time wearing non-masculine clothing, there is a recent uptick in demand for gender neutrality in clothing. Glossy recently did a mini-report on how retailers are reacting to this, how they’re adapting and responding.

Like many Americans, they want gender out of the picture and are creating lines that are more flexible.

In the last three years, Lyst, for example, said it’s seen the lines between gender categories blurring. Editorial director Katherine Ormerod said that there has been a 108 percent increase in sales of unisex products in the last year. “We’re also finding customers search across genders, for everything from cult brands such as Acne and Public School to Asos and Zara. Whether or not we’re on the track to post-gendered shopping, it’s clear that an androgynous aesthetic is going nowhere.” Genderless searches make up now 23 percent of the site’s traffic, an increase of 9 percent from last year.

The reason they point toward is younger shoppers craving less gender. Thanks, us!

The brands are also aware that there is a risk of pandering, that it’s taking advantage of a trend. Duh. Moreover, this obviously fits into the canon of athleisure-as-non-gendering. In that case, athleisure is great. Other than that? It’s awful. Regardless, this is all good news for the time being. To see that the demand is there is a lot bigger than we think because the trickle down is already happening as even Guess is embracing non-gendering.

The biggest question here, which no one has an answer to, is if this is all happening based on trend hunger on the consumer’s end or if it is actually representative of “times changing”? That is to be determined. On the bright end, teens are getting queerer, pointing toward a potential future where non-gendering is the point of departure. This could be reality.

Keep up the good work, everyone. Keep on shopping away from gender.

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