Gotta Fuck ‘Em All

Pokémon is all the rage right now because of a little app called Pokémon Go. What does that mean for gay world? That there needs to be a gay porn parody of the trend.

As Towleroad reported, Men.com has made a porn parody with the super catchy title of Fuckémon Go. The film follows Ash and his friend Brock as they hunt the elusive Peek-A-Choo, who they clearly want for the purposes of fantasy beastiality. What else were they going to do to it? Other fuckable Pokémon include Buttplugosaur and Zabra which, somehow, are cartoons unlike Peek-A-Choo. Yes, this all takes place outdoors too and makes my knees itch just thinking about.

Crazier still is that this isn’t the only Poké gay porn to come out in the past month: there is also Poke-U-Man from NextDoor which, frankly, doesn’t seem as much fun as it’s so super obvious and lacking the artistry of Fuckémon. If you think this is all just ridiculous trend hunting, you’re right and wrong: as Confessions Of A Boy Toy noted, “Pornhub saw a 136 percent increase in users searching for ‘Pokémon,’ with 18 to 24 year-olds being 336 percent more likely to use the trendy search term.” Cool. Gross. Neat. Exciting? What is there to say?

If this is your thing—and you’re into “fucking them all”—then give the below Fuckémon a twirl.

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