You know how Louis Vuitton will get artists to provide their take on the classic LV designs? Gucci is getting into that game with a new project called #GucciGram.

The fancy Italian brand is using their Instagram to enlist various artists to give their idea of what Gucci is. Most weave the classic chainlink G pattern as a means to subvert a fashion classic while other artists are just making ridiculous shit with the opportunity. It’s great! You have quickly viral works like Ryder Ripps’ bag spotting guide and Ignasi Monreal’s media clashing fashion gifs. A lot of people are getting floral, which is lovely. Other artists are just popping a bag in a photo and calling it art. That’s fine. You’ll scroll past them and salivate on something cool like the works from Victoria Siemer, Jay Howell, Kalen Hollomon, Chris Rellas, and more.

There hasn’t been any word yet if products will be released in conjunction with these artistic creations. There’s absolutely a market for these weird, wonderful anti-Gucci Gucci bags. The brand will probably use this Instagram art project as a way to crowd source new wears by auditioning creatives with Likes before playing that LV game. Catch a few of my favorites below and peruse the project here.

Ryder Ripps Gucci Gram Art Bag Flowers 1234KYLE5678

Jay Howell  Gucci Gram Art Bag Flowers 1234KYLE5678

Kalen Holloman  Gucci Gram Art Bag Flowers 1234KYLE5678

Mogo Takahashi  Gucci Gram Art Bag Flowers 1234KYLE5678

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