Happy New Linksys

Happy New Year! Here are some links from the old year to celebrate your future successes and more. Great!

• Although it annoys me that the title isn’t “16 Ways To Be A Better Person In 2016”, this is a great little thing to look at as we enter a new year.
What a wonderful conversation about words, about naming.
• Some lolmusic for you.
• A friend wrote a guide on alternatives to Spotify. You may know about lots of them but it’s presented in such a nice way.
• What a great wifi password idea!
• What is there to say about this? Dream on.
• Thou shalt not covet stupid shit.
• The most noteworthy of 2015? Maybe? Not the best, that’s for sure—but well done and interesting.
• A genderfluid lion has been found!
• Just so you know, because we have to take care of old folks: some nursing home workers are sharing explicit photos of residents via Snapchat.
• Wait for the coat drop.
• You may know most of the story behind the Amber Heard dog drama but it all stems from dogs needing to be quarantined for ten days when flying overseas.
We will all have to do this next Christmas.
• These photos are just so sweet. Oh, Barry!

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