Happy Pride! Here’s A Ranking Of The Ten Best Power Bottom Shirts.

If you are a bottom and you are like really into it, you may refer to yourself as a Power Bottom. It’s a title not many non-gays know about (or share) as it’s a need-to-know sort of thing, revealed during private passion plays. But what if you are super into it and want to let everyone know? Here are some things for you: a quick ranking of the ten best shirts to express your extreme bottoming.

Way Gay Power Bottom Shirts Ranked 1234KYLE5678

10. Power Bottom / Way Gay Shirt
The elegant script. The addition of the “way gay.” What’s your not-so-secret? You’re a bottom. You’re way gay.

PWRBTM Power Bottom Shirts Ranked 1234KYLE5678

8. PWRBTM California License Plate Color T-Shirt
Well, while it would be hard to get this type of road head, more power to you for trying. I’m sure you have, someone.

Power Button Power Bottom Shirts Ranked 1234KYLE5678

Really, this could be confused for a tech worker at the far end of the totem pole, so far down that said pole is in his butt part.

Emoji Peach Power Bottom Shirts Ranked 1234KYLE5678

6. Peach Emoji Shirt
Yes, this could just stand for your techno-fruit loving ways but, really, it means you are a big old bottom.

Power Bottom For Jesus Power Bottom Shirts Ranked 1234KYLE5678

5. Power Bottom For Jesus Shirt
If this isn’t how you pray the gay away, I don’t know if there really is another way to.

Party Bottom Boo Boo Bear Power Bottom Shirt 1234KYLE5678

4. Party Bottom
“Show those bears that you’re not only a cute little cub but the party bottom. The next time you go to the gay bear club.”

Power Bottom 69 Jersey Power Bottom Shirts Ranked 1234KYLE5678

3. Varsity Power Bottom 69
#TeamBottom!! 69, dude! (Note: This shirt is quite popular, actually. Who knew. Irony, man.)

World's Greatest Power Bottom Power Bottom Shirts Ranked 1234KYLE5678

2. World’s Greatest Power Bottom T-Shirt
Don’t you let anyone fool you: yes, you can be a dad and a bottom and the best at both.

1 Boar Boy Power Bottom Shirts Ranked 1234KYLE5678

1. Power Bottom Metal Tee
This shirt is described as something for you to get, “if you really hate yourself.” Thank you, thank you, thank you for this Boar Boy.

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